Terrafugia takes flying cars higher with the TF-X Cloud Hopper Concept

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Sitting inside a car stalled by traffic is almost unbearable especially when you have an urgent appointment or an emergency. At such times, every car driver thinks about the convenience it would be if they could just fly out of traffic. For ages, auto-lovers have been dreaming about a vehicle that lets them drive and fly alternatively.

Such a vehicle until now was seen only in futuristic sci-fi movies but now some brilliant designers have made it closer to reality with the Terrafugia Transition flying car. They have now taken the idea further with the Terrafugia TF-X Cloud Hopper concept. If the design materializes then it will solve many of the transportation problems faced by auto lovers.

Terrafugia TF-X Cloud Hopper Concept_13

The Cloud Hopper’s design is not just realistic but also practical. It has been designed with the priorities of users in mind. The neat and detailed plan has made it catch the attention of industry giants. The electric and gasoline hybrid is capable of covering 3400 km through air and 1500 km on road. It has an electric motor with the capacity of 450 hp and a petrol engine that offers 500 hp of power. The powerful turbocharged engine and electric motors are located beneath the wings, near the center of the vehicle.

 Terrafugia TF-X Cloud Hopper Concept_11

The user can utilize the smart and luxurious transmission system for switching between all wheel system and the prop at the backend. The maximum air cruising speed of this vehicle is 550 kph and the highest speed on road is 320 kph. The wing pods have two electric motors fixed with them for short notice take offs using minimum space. The wing pods are very flexible and they can be folded while you drive the vehicle on roads. These pods are also capable of moving at 90-degree angles. Sleek and stylish body combined with powerful engine and motor makes it an unbeatable vehicle.

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