The Sea Shell of Venus fireplace design – More than just heat

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Everything that makes a home plays its specific part in the way the home appears. Some people are very cautious about what doesn’t match the color of walls or that of the curtains and so on. If there is fireplace, it’s a big factor to be considered with extreme sense of aesthetics.

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The ‘Sea Shell of Venus’ fireplace design is a treat for eyes. It appears the lava like scene would add to the ambience and warmth of the home. The design takes its inspiration from ancient Roman goddess Venus- goddess of love and beauty, fertility. It was said that her would be husband, god Vulcan, had designed a special sea shell through which she was born later.

the sea shell of venus

The fireplace is made up of Aluminium and feature Lava technology. Along with visual effects, it plays crackling embers effect. The design also feature scent system and the warming effect is created through infrared rays. With the fireplace comes a remote control with complete controls. Each function is independent from other.

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Not only home, but such design could do well at commercial places like hotels and restaurants too.

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