Salter ‘Pinch’ – An innovative cooking timer design by Rodd

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The British brand in housewares, Salter, approached Rodd asking the team to design innovative cooking timer device or polish their existing ones. The designer then pursued a little research through an ethnography exercise so that the consumers could be reconnected to the brand.

Salter ‘Pinch 2

What they explored was that popular cooking shows or TV chefs were enjoying a great influence on the home-cooks. Especially, their management of multiple cooking timers was drawing the attention of the cooks. The end result of the whole process yielded ‘Pinch’ cooking timer design.

Salter ‘Pinch 4

The Pinch integrates a polyamide spring that opens when squeezed, which makes it easy to attach. It looks like an enlarged ring that could be clamped to the handle of the pan or other cooking pans with different handle sizes.

Salter ‘Pinch5

Salter ‘Pinch 3