Kormoran’s new innovative yacht design will redefine luxury and style

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One of the most beautiful open water destinations, Porto Montenegro, will host the launch of new Yacht from Kormoran. That’ll be not before next year as the yacht is still in the process of construction. It is expected make appearances in many shows globally.

It’s a striking design and the hopes are high in the luxury yacht world. The yacht is designed to transforme into six different configurations, so the owner could chose the one in accordance with whatever suit to his needs. These configurations include Mono Hull, Katamaran, Trimaran, Night Mod, Flying Mode, and Bathing Mode. Well, that’s a hell of yacht to wait.

The construction material included combination of carbon fibre, titanium, stainless stell, teak wood and Boxmark Xtreme Leather. That makes it as stylish and luxurious as it could be in the real world, until now.
Most striking feature of the yacht is its hydrofoils. These advanced hydrofoils could cut water resistance by 80% and help get more speed with lesser fuel.

“It’s an honour to be working with such an innovative brand as Kormoran, especially as host venue for the launch of this new and exciting boat concept. This transformational boat will challenge the future of yacht design and we are looking forward to welcoming the prototype in the marina. What better location than the beautiful Bay of Kotor to trial the boat’s multiple configurations?”, said Porto Montenegro’s Marina Business Development Manager, Billy Canellas

The founder and CEO of Kormoran, Dr Oliver Kormann, have got a good investor for the project- Mr. Daniell Porsche. If so, then the yacht must have got something exciting features that’ll be prove to be revolutionizing.