Impossible electric bike – An impossibly foldable design

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The concept of portability in electric bikes is gaining momentum as the urbanization desperately asks for it. The world need cleaner and smaller commuter options. Impossible is a foldable electric bike. We have seen similar attempts in recent past years like VeloMini, then Gi and so on, but this one is set to redefine the definition of portability and expand the limits of foldable design.

Impossible electric bike is foldable into a size of a backpack or that of a laptop. It weighs only 5 KG and is much easier to carry around. The measurement reaches 17” when folded up. It gets power from ten 2,900 mAh batteries, rechargeable from a regular wall outlet. The bike can reach a speed of 20 km/h at maximum. In one full charge, it could cover a range of 15.6 miles (24.8km). The maximum limit of weight it could carry is 85 Kg. The frame is constructed from anodized aluminum.

Impossible electric bike 2

The most fascination aspect of the design is how all the components of the bike including the tires and frame fold into the seat, which also circular in design.

Impossible electric bike  3

The Impossible bike is presently on Kickstarter for a fundraiser campaign. The team behind the bike has suggested a sleeker seat design and more refined features in the final design. Pledges start at CAD$430, and is will be available in white and black. You can expect the shipping during the month of August next year.

Impossible electric bike 4

Impossible electric bike  5

Impossible electric bike 5