Futuristic Honda CARpet Concept – Autonomous car with flexible interior

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LA design Design Challenge showcases most futuristic auto designs every year. This year, too, many designers are submitting their entries. One of them is from the Honda – CARpet Concept. The imagination is based on the reality presumed towards the year 2029 when all cars are likely to be autonomous. You don’t need to drive them yourself anymore. But CARpet Concept has another unique feature that would be too much to accept right now. The car is way ahead than the presently prevalent traditional interfaces and focuses more on human side.

Futuristic Honda CARpet Concept 2

Whole car consists of two elements – a carpet and a ball. A highly flexible nature of the carpet allows you to change the interior of the car in accordance with your suitability. The space created through this flexible platform is a seamless and uninterrupted space. That’s like making the car interior more intuitive and helping it shape into more natural forms for the ride..

Futuristic Honda CARpet Concept

All the commands are received through a ball inside the car. The driver could communicate with other drivers through the ball. The interface respond to vocal, touch and gesture commands. There is an active more if the driver feels a desire to control the car himself.

Futuristic Honda CARpet Concept 3

The vehicle can measure drivers focus on sync with the autonomous driver. Higher the focus, better control a drivers enjoys .

Futuristic Honda CARpet Concept 7

Futuristic Honda CARpet Concept 6

Futuristic Honda CARpet Concept

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