An award winning, multi-utility, compact tractor concept from India

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bclc keno winning numbers live Sougat Hota, 28, and Anoop Balakrishnan are Postgraduates in Transportation and Automobile Design at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. These two created an award winning multi-utility mobility concept for India rural areas. The NID team had attracted attention when it took home first prize for the “Emerging Market Mobility” project at GM-PACE Annual Gloabal Forum, which was held in Turin a few days back.

Interestingly, the duo behind this concept did an intensive research on India’s Jugaad formula vehicles. They travelled in carts, autos, tractors etc. Talked to the manufactures and observed the need of rural folks. What they came out was a compact tractor like vehicle, which could be used as assistance in agricultural activities, and could become a medium for mobility as well. Farmers could use it for carrying people, produce, seeds and fertilisers, soil preparation, seed planting, irrigation and harvesting, which is cheap and sustainable would be desirable

Emerging Market Mobility  project

keno bclc The vehicle includes a power take-off shaft and mechanical shaft, just like a tractor. The vehicle is compact and almost every part is detachable. That makes it easily transportable.

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The vehicle is battery-powered. The concept also mentions a suggestion to use empty fields to install solar panels and provide green charging. In rural areas that face power-shortage issues would find it a beneficial option. keno winning numbers bc

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Well, there must be something unique about this concept as it out-shined top universities like the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, and College of Creative Studies (CCS), Detroit, US.

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