5 Table designs that’ll harness green energy to charge your gadgets

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Smartphones, tablets, smartwatches etc. electronic devices are getting even smarter with the advent of new, advanced innovations in electronics. But these gadgets ask for charge every day, sometimes, multiple times a day depending upon the usage. For these small gadgets, designers and innovators are developing small energy generation units, which would utilize various green sources to generate energy, store it and use it to charge these portable devices. Table gives an option to use the surface area to add solar panels or to incorporate a Microbial Fuell Cell system. Here are five of the best such designs, which act as table cum gadget charger:

Bromelia USB Table


Bromelia USB Table is a complete green feeling for it lets you grow plants along with generating enough energy to charge portable gadgets like smartphones and tablets. It’s a kind of ‘Microbial Fuell Cell’ system. It uses microbes and solar panels to generate energy.

Current Table


Current Table exploits the capability of dye-synthesized solar cells to generate electrical current using the properties of the colors. Tables with simple solar cells might not be that successful, but a table that could use indoor light too in addition to direct sunlight, would be a great idea.

VoltPlot Planter Charger


Again, for those who wish for an indoor table that could charge portable electronic devices, then microbes might help you. VoltPlot table can do that as it contains dirt and microbes, where the metabolic energy of microbes present in the soil  is converted into electricity. As mentioned earlier, it’s a kind of Microbial Feul Cells system – a promising one.

Panasonic’s solar-powered wireless charger table


Inductive charging isn’t a new phenomenon, but Panasonic’s solar powered table is a completely self-sufficient table with wireless charging, and that makes it unique. The solar-panels are embedded beautifully in flower design. Also, these panels are directly connected to the battery. It’s a nice, adorable option for any home or anywhere there is sufficient sunlight.

Studio Natural Lucio charger table

lucio table

Studio Natural Lucio charger table deserves a place among the favored design as its minimal design and ability to fetch energy from indoor light or ambiance differentiate it from others in its category. You might not find it beautiful, but it is, for sure, a nice attempt to make use of available surface.