Streetwave Swaveboard – Two-wheel caster board enhanced for surfboard experience

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Swaveboard is the first mass consumer product from Streetwave, and that of the designer Mr Imran Othman. The board is unique in itself. It has been designed to provide the rider the smoothness of surfing or snowboarding experience. Everything is formed around the concept of flexibility and smooth movements. You can imagine a casterboard that also make a good suspension facility.

The design of the board is sleek and light-weight, which is, indeed, an advantage over the available designs. Most of them are really heavy to carry around. Swaveboard is made from a unique glass fiber composite which, as the designer claims, has gone through rigorous tests and contains a right mix of strength and malleability.


Also, instead of traditional coated abrasive grip, the board uses silicon rubber for more comfortable riding experience. It incorporates a built-in suspension system, which enhances the smoothness of ride. The casters are spring loaded, and that’s another advantage of free-spinning board as this feature makes the board easier to propel forward. The design is aesthetically pleasing and easy to carry.

The company is presently looking for partners who could support them in the production of this unique board, marketing, and distribution. As it was the first commercial product design of the designer, the inexperience did haunt him for moment, however, the best part of the work is what the designer actually realized – that inexperience is an aid for creative minds as a preconceived ideas and a mind preoccupied could spoil the originality of your ideas.