Sculpt your lighting arrangement with Revel OLED lights

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Revel OLED lighting design is a perfect farewell to regimented layouts types. Aesthetics, style, and uniqueness are wanted on many occasion and places of professional concern like office, retail, hospitality, restaurant etc. Revel gives you freedom to play with the installments. New patterns could be created using Revel OLED lighting panels like the Tetris game.

Revel OLED lights  3

These lights could be easily mounted on walls or on ceilings by using the stainless steel structural frame. The frame doesn’t interfere with the neatness of the design and is completely shredded from view.

Revel OLED lights  4

A injection molded polymer cassettes enclose the OLED panels, and steel frame holds it wherever you wish to mount it. There are 5 OLED panels per module. Revel is available in 3000K, 3500, and 4000K color temperatures.

Revel OLED lights  7

Via:Acuity Brands