Racktime I-Valo – Sleek,stylish rack integrated bicycle rear-light

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Usually bicycles don’t come with tail lights, but are available as separate accessories. For instance, a rack and a tail lights are two separate accessories. However, designer Mikael Heikkila has come out with an rack integrated bicycle rearlight, which he has named as ‘Racktime I-Valo’ .

Racktime I-Valo2

Accessories, rear lights and the 12 mm rack are contained in a sleek, stylish design. It doesn’t look like a bulky square box attached out of need, which otherwise gives an ugly look to the bicycle. It doesn’t weigh more than 600 grams. The source of light is the pack of five integrated LEDs. All the components are covered inside a reflective case.
Racktime I-Valo

There a couple of option to customize the design a little bit to suit the preferences of a particular individual. The lights are either powered by the battery or through an included dynamo. That’s a personal choice. You can choose either of these two.

Racktime I-Valo4

The designer is looking to improve the design and add some luxury features.

Via:Designer Mikael Heikkilä