Peugeot’s luxury 115 Power Catamaran for ocean explorers, travelers

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Peugeot’s Design Lab is now 2-years old. The lab was established with an idea to establish a special department, completely dedicated to designing.

Now, in 2014 the lab developed a sail cum engine powered catamaran – Peugeot 115 Power Catamaran, as Peugeot calls it. It’s a luxury concept design. Of course, the question whether the Peugeot is entering into Yacht manufacturing must be buzzing you. Well, it definitely appears to be so, because the design has been specially developed for JFA Yachts.

Coming to the specifications, 115 Power Yacht is 35 meters long, is powered by a engine (name not mentioned) in addition to the sails, and it include a small 6.5 meter boat docked at the backport. The design is intended to fetch long sea journey travelers and sea explorers.

Peugeot's luxury 115 Power Catamaran 3

Large glass windows would give a panoramic view from inside. The upper deck of the boat is really innovative with wide side glass panels, while the lower deck opening leads you directly into ocean waters. A small boat is docked in the space between two backcourts, which any Yacht with a length of 35 meters would need as it might not be able to dock everywhere.

Peugeot's luxury 115 Power Catamaran

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