Nokia Dots Concept for happy working environment

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Work-place environment is mostly full of stressors. There is a great load of emotions that’s buried under overlapping experiences. That’s really bad for mental health. Negative emotions must not be suppressed.

Nokia Dots concept has focused on the principles of positive psychology and offers a medium to create supportive and emotionally comfortable environment at offices. Dots is a smartphone bases product and it’ll come with a accessory and an app. The concept is to be able to share experiences, ask for help, send and receive feedback from other employees without disclosing the identity of people at both ends.

Nokia Dots concept

That means, not even you are aware of the identity of the one with whom you are sharing what otherwise would have been impossible to share. The person on the other end could be your boss or a subordinate. There is anonymity with a authentication that you are communicating with an insider from your own office.

Nokia Dots concept 5

Nokia Dots concept 4

Nokia Dots concept 3

Nokia Dots concept 2

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