Nike x Sony Smart Band – A perfect sports accessory for athletes

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Nike and Sony collaborated to create an ultimate sports band that’ll provide all the data any professional athlete would ask for. The band is sleek and stylish, of course, thanks to the two specialists. The band is simple to wear for it has got a magnetic attachment mechanism. Also, as soon as two ends of the band are wrapped around the wrist, hence, comes into contact with each other, the band turns on.

nike x sony smartband

There is a 1.5” LCD display that shows real-time data collected during the performances, practice sessions etc. The user can navigate through various options using a provided soft touch control panel.

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The band could be connected to a computer to get juiced up and sync data with the device for further use.

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Basically, it’s a fusion of Nike’s Fuel Band and Sony Smartwatch. However, you can’t buy it because while the design is real, the product isn’t meant for sale or to represent either of two mentioned brands. It’s just a class assignment for designer Yu-Cheng Yang. The project was a random idea to create a cross-market product using these two brands as a base of the product. However, it would have been a quite a good news if Nike and Sony had actually did that.

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