Hip hopper Will.i.am creates his own smart wristband that works as smartphone

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When every other consumer electronics manufacturer is creating wearable fitness bracelets and smartwatches, an American hip hop singer Will.i.am (from Black Eyed Peas group) has developed his own voice-controlled wristband, which can replace the bulky smartphone in your pocket.

Will.i.am has developed a smart wristband called Puls (pronounced Pulse), which has a voice assistant called Aneeda built-in (Siri rival), which allow the user to dictate commands to the cuff-like device.

The smart wristband can make calls, send SMS messages, and even check Facebook and Twitter feeds for you. The wearable device also functions as a music player.

Interestingly, the Puls doesn’t need to be hocked up with a smartphone, instead the smart band can connect to the wireless network and work as a standalone smartphone.

The Puls has five hours of battery life, and is expected to ship for Christmas. There is no word on the price yet. Check the video below.

Via: Mashable