Bromelia USB Table generates energy with microbes and solar panels

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Capability to generate energy from usual things we use in our routine life is becoming a trend as related technologies are developing. Shoes, cloths, cycle, urine, gym apparatus, garbage bins, the beds, chairs etc., each and everything stand compatible with various kinds of technologies which would allow them to generate energy, at least, sufficient to charge portable electronic gadgets.

Bromelia USB Table 3

Bromelia is an example of the same trend as it is a functional energy generation unit as well. The water in the cavity around the plant is full of microbes and they make ‘Microbial Fuel Cell’ system. The amount of energy isn’t very high, but it would be decent enough to juice up small gadgets like cellphones, tablets, music players etc.
So, the microbes generates energy using the water around the plant, which is then stored in batteries for later use. There are six USB ports in Bromelia, so that multiple gadgets could be attached for charging.

Bromelia USB Table 2

Not only this, but Bromelia coffee table also include transparent solar panels, which could generate additional, green energy if placed in sunlight. It’s a nice design with a humble, green aim.

Bromelia USB Table

Bromelia USB Table 5

Bromelia USB Table 4

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