Ultra-versatile 2-bino lamp by Alexander Dick

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Alexander Dick – a graduate designer, who has just passed out of the School of Art Institute of Chicago, has designed the 2-bino – a table lamp that meets the needs of the modern user head on.

Inspired from the famous Tubino Lamp, that was designed in 1948 by designer brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, the 2-bino is versatile and fun lamp that will make an elegant light piece within any interior.

The really versatile 2-bino features a near perfect flexible design. The stem (gooseneck tubing) leading to the head of the lamp can be twisted in any shape. The User can enjoy the light at the bedside, on the study table or have it suspended from the ceiling down into the heart of the room as a pendant light.

The 2-bino lamp has a light adjusting switch and has a chrome reflector for more defined light reflection. The lamp will be made to work with LED bulb. There is no word when the designer is planning to take this unique design towards production.





Via: UnbrandedDesigns