Stylish green Shibaful Yoyogi Park Mobile Battery charges all Android and iOS devices

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Do you often run out of power in your smartphone in the most crucial situations? Tired of finding off grid alternatives to keep your phone charged? Forget the battery worries – Shibaful Yoyogi Park Mobile Battery is here with its cute looks to keep your smartphone charged anywhere anytime. In addition to the travelers, the mobile battery with green (lawn-like) exterior should also appeal to the hard working professionals who spend endless hours in front of the computer without a sight of any greenery all day.

Dressed in beautiful green, the mobile battery packs a 6800mAh rechargeable battery, which is good enough to charge any smartphone at least thrice on a single charge. Featuring a USB port and accompanied with a USB cable, the power bank is compatible with Android and iOS device. Besides USB cable the mobile battery also comes with a 30-pin Dock microUSB, and a Lightning connector.

Yoyogi Park Mobile Battery features a small button on its back, on pressing the button LED light flashes to indicate the amount of the battery remaining on the external battery. With its lovely eco-conscious looks, the power bank can charge smartphone, tablets, digital cameras and game consoles for just 6890 Yen (approx. $65).

Shibaful Yoyogi Park Mobile Battery-1

Shibaful Yoyogi Park Mobile Battery-2

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Via: Rakuten