Stillform ResQ, jet-powered surfboard for new-age lifeguards

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Speed in action and promptness in decision are two things that differentiate a good lifeguard from an average lifeguard. With current tools and equipment at hand, our lifeguards still have limitations in executing their tasks with utmost perfection (there is no lack of conviction I must add here).

To facilitate lifeguards with state of the art technology, Stillform design studio, in collaborating with lifeguards and engineers, have designed the ResQ – a lifeguards rescue board that can help save more people from drowning.

ResQ jet-powered surfboard-2

Designed ergonomic and made from polystyrene, the ResQ is a surfboard powered by two electric motors in a jet propulsion system – just like you would find in a jet ski. Along with two solar-powered batteries (rechargeable at it docking station) built-in, that provide juice to the electric engine; the ResQ has an inflatable life preserver and storage compartment on board. The surfboard board has carry handles, so lifeguard using it can carry more than one person at a time.

With the ResQ jet-powered surfboard, lifeguards will now have a faster way to swim though ripping water currents and waves to get to the drowning people quicker than ever before.

ResQ jet-powered surfboard-1

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