Soundproof– An easy-to-use, more hygienic earplug design

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Conventional ear plug designs aren’t completely a convenient option.The usual earplugs are made of foam. To solve the issue related with usual options, designer Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte has created ‘Soundproof’ earplugs.

Soundproof  earplugsSoundproof earplugs 4

It’s more ergonomic and has additional feature like a system to enable or disable the sound attenuation without having to remove the earplugs. The designer claims his design to be more hygienic than usual foam earplugs and easy-to-use.


For easy access to off and on button, a slider is included in the design. There isn’t much technical specification with the design, but it definitely appears to be an alternate to usual designs. The earplugs are design to fit perfectly in the ear cavity.

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Soundproof earplugs 3

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