Oz personal mobility vehicle offers agility of a bike, security of a car

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Commuting in the urban environment is going to get tougher by the day. And the flying cars (when they are ready) are going to be too expensive to afford. In such a scenario, Oz personal mobility concept by Loris Pujol is certainly a welcome idea. According to the designer, Oz is a concept ride for people living in the suburbs to get to work more easily and safely. But it goes without saying that the vehicle is ideal for any type of setting (though it’s not an ATV).

Oz concept by Loris Pujol-1

bclc keno winning numbers live The Oz is a distinctly designed vehicle which lets the drive trip in benefits and agility of a motorbike and the comfort and security of a car. Yes, the vehicle allows the rider to sit inside the round cockpit that has adjustable seat and driving wheel.

Oz concept by Loris Pujol-2

http://sonnengartl-hippach.at/en-CA/37051-bc-lotto-keno.html A tricycle in form, the Oz is easy to drive vehicle is fully electric. It uses the driver’s smartphone as its interactive interface and its control panel. Using an accompanying free app, the smartphone will be able to save the driving information for ease of driving. Interestingly, the Oz will change color depending on the driver’s mood at the time of driving.

Oz concept by Loris Pujol-3

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