Mobile Kitchen Counter – An elegant design by Pierre Joncquez

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Pierre Joncquez thought of making the mobile kitchen designs more sophisticated, and is offering Mobile Kitchen Counter on custom orders. The counter appeals in style and look owing to Solid Oak wood, Birch plywood with phenolic film, and stainless steel accessories.

mobile kitchen counter 11

The counter is designed to provide more space in a compact space, and is full of stack-able drawers , which are merged with the whole design in a way that they don’t compromise with style.

Mobile kitchen counter 3

The counter extends in length instead of width, which makes it compatible with door entries. After all, it’s a mobile kitchen counter, and it’s ought to move. The fusion of Oakwood and stainless steel, furnished with plywood, gives it an elegant look. You can get it on custom orders. The table is designed by Pierre and manufactured by Victor Vergne.

Mobile kitchen counter 2

Mobile kitchen counter 6

Mobile kitchen counter 5

Mobile kitchen counter 4