Michael Harris’ Digital Desk 21, classic table with modern functionality

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We live in a contemporary world, thus everything around us should be modern in application and form. To provide a contemporary design to a rather classic writing desk; designer Michael Harris has designed the Digital Desk 21.

Created keeping in mind the vibrant and open requirement of the modern working spaces, the writing table is equally comfortable for working on the laptop or computer as it for writing with a pen on paper.

Explaining his concept behind the novel creation, Harris says:

In terms of design, I wanted to put forward a bold design of the “right now”. “At this moment in time” – contemporary in the true sense of the word, but a design that keeps elegance and an element of timelessness about it.

To achieve this, the wooden table is designed with true geometric accuracy. Its commanding appearance makes a strong presence in the room and its design requires the user to sit in a correct posture.

The Digital Desk 21 is slightly taller than average desks, so the user has to use a saddle stool with it. The desk has a large but shallow drawer, which is good to store all your basic items of need while working. Interestingly, the table has a power cable storage, which eliminates cable clutter on the desk.

Digital Desk 21 by Michael Harris-1

Via: ProductPage