KinEtic watch harnesses kinetic energy, and return generated electricity back to grid

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You might not be interested in saving energy, but how about saving directly on your electricity bill by just wearing a watch. KinEtic is something that’ll, sooner or later, will become a reality. The watch is about harnessing the kinetic energy while one moves wearing it. This energy isn’t used to charge any gadget. Rather, it’ll be put back into an energy socket, which will come with the kit, and the amount of energy generated will be transferred back to the grid. Whatever will be returned, will be deducted from the total electricity usage, thus, you’ll be billed accordingly.

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That’s not all. You can check you energy levels and usage on its website and share it with your friends. If your friend needs energy, you can transfer it through Internet using the provided application.

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It’s very easy to use. The band is wrapped inside the watch just behind the display. The size could be adjusted in accordance with whatever suits you. You can also wear it on your legs. It’s a watch, but what if you are runner. You’ll get maximum movement from legs in that case.
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The designer, Wei Chen, suggests that it would be a productive idea if the concept is developed by the Govt. to distribute units to each and every citizen. It’ll be a healthy idea to promote energy saving habits and make people aware about ecological and energy crisis.