imPrint allows you to make payments just with fingerprints

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Today’s payment methods are a tad complicated and require multi-level security checks. Kieran Normoyle, Product Design & Technology at the University of Limerick, Ireland has a vision to change that with his unique concept.

Imprint is his interpretation of a smart payment system that links your own fingerprint to the current account having money. He along with Eoin White, Product Design & Technology PhD candidate, Human Factors and Medical Device Design have started working on the development stage of imPrint device and the accompanying app that make it quite easy for you to make payments, whether you are shopping or having a meal in a restaurant.


Once the user is registered with the service, all he/she needs to do is scan their fingerprint on the imPrint device and then confirm the payment to be made. It is as simple as that. On the compatible app for the mobile device, one can check all the transactions made and the expenditure made over a period of time.

To enhance the security feature, the user can opt to have an added level of security by having a four digit pin code too for bigger transactions. The system also has restrictive purchasing option which lets parents set a limit on how much their child can spend in a stipulated period of time. Another great feature of the device is its ability to retrieve medical information of a person in case there is an accident and medical aid needs to be given keeping in mind the person’s medical history.


Via: JamesDysonAward