Icos Lamp by Quentin Gervaise made from environmentally-friendly plywood

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Want to create a well-lit environment with some stylish addition to your interiors? Wooden ceiling lamps are definitely a good idea. Since you’ll find such lamps dime a dozen out there, it is really difficult to choose one that you’d actually want to take home.

Icos Lamp by Quentin Gervaise-1

To break out of routine from the customary wooden ceiling lamp designs; Malaysian industrial designer Quentin Gervaise has designed the Icos Lamp. A polyhedron-styled Icos Lamp can be suspended from the ceiling to geometrically enhance the interior of your home.

Icos Lamp by Quentin Gervaise-2

The creatively designed Icos Lamp comprises 20 triangular elements – 19 of these are identical, while one is made for the socket insertion.

What makes all the elements similar is that each of them is made from environmentally friendly beech plywood. Most interesting however, all elements of the lamp can be separated and stacked one above the other for easy transportation, and can be assembled back effortlessly with help of accompanying screws.

Icos Lamp by Quentin Gervaise-3

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