Hydrana provides first return to relative comfort after a catastrophe

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Uncertainty is the only certainty in the world. You can never be sure of anything here. You never know when you wake up to a shaken world or you’re swept away in deep slumber. So, being pre-prepared to survive a catastrophe seems are good bet. Hydrana by Antonin Philippe is probably the first return to relative comfort just after a calamity.

Since, eating and drinking safe is the only way to survive when one’s displaced from home, Hydrana allows users to drink and eat hygienically after a disaster. Symbolizing survival and comfort, Hydrana brings fuel to users facing difficulties. The foldable capsule can either be placed on the tripod or suspended down to avoid it from catching humidity and remain out of reach from smaller animals.

Basically, the creatively designed Hydrana comprises of a water filtration system on it top, which provide up to six liters of safe drinking water. Additionally, there are five racks underneath the water filter. These racks are fed with water from the filter and are used to grow seeds which can be eaten after 5 days.

A larger rack in the bottom is scheduled for plantation of seeds. Hydrana comes with a bag, which covers it from bottom to top, in order to create a greenhouse effect to accelerate seed germination.

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