How about a hi-tech VW hopping car?

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Future of traffic is surely heading towards most horrible stage. The designers are spitting out futuristic concept designs for public transport. Trams, automated mobility pods, or small foldable electric bikes, it’s all about space and fuel now. How much more the planet could take on?

While, it’s a crucial issue which must be attended as soon as possible, a designer, Claire Manicom, who is a Student of Industrial Design at the University of Johannesburg, has come out with concept car design, Spirit, for Volkswagen design competition (2014), which is actually meant to be used in a video game. What interested us was the imagination blended with possibility of being materialize into the real world. A hopping mobility pod that could take upward lifts to do with the obstacle and still keep you in comfort with it’s amazing shock absorbers.

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Moreover, the design is based on the concept of gamification. The game isn’t about racing but it’s sounds to be like a daily routine thing. You start the day as usual, use the Spirit to move to the office and to get back home. The internal digital tools show every data about your driving habits, like fuel consumption, breaking, gear changes and speed. The user gets points based on the scores. That means you can check the efficiency loss and gain due to some particular driving habits. The data can be shared with others on social media. You can compare your score with other users.
VW Game Car Concept design

For the safety of the driver, the vehicle uses cameras and motions detectors to avoid the collision. The designer talk of some electro pulse technology, but it could be any other fuel. Even the tint of the glass could be adjusted as per your accordance and light.
VW Game Car Concept design 8

Actually, the part which mention sharing and comparing stats with other user is quite creative and holds a vast potential to aware and encourage citizens understand the value of efficiency and ecological changes due to our fuel consumption habits

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