Five smart bags to carry your belongings in style

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There’s a smart in every equipment these days – then why not a smart bag? Yes, your carry bag, cash bag and laptop bags have become smart. There are bags that can save you from theft, some that can let you curb your spending habit and then there are some that let you charge your gadgets on the go. Here is a list of five smartest bags for your reference.

5. Defender anti-theft backpack


You carry a lot of valuable in your backpack. But there is no real safety to secure your belongings from lurking thieves, who wouldn’t leave a chance to empty your bag. To save you the pain of losing your belongings, Spanish designer Tania Blanco has created an innovative backpack, called Defender anti-theft backpack, which is tailor made to safeguard against theft.  Made from Cordura material and rip stop nylon, this backpack has zipper on the back panel and each side pockets are covered with nosy Velcro straps.

Price:  Not available

4. Bagttery tote bag


Japanese designers don’t want to stay too far behind in the smart bag race. To catch up, designer, Kenji Amadana has created Bagttery, a tote carry bag with built-in rechargeable battery pack, which can charge your mobile gadgets like smartphones, cameras and tablets. The stylish carry bag for ladies comes in pure leather and weighs 1.5kg. The USB port enabled bag takes up to five hours to charge a gadget.

Price:  Not available

3.  iBag


Ladies, you’re spendthrifts. At least designers out there believe so. In order to help you curb you shopping habits – designers have developed the iBag. A tech-embedded money carrying pouch, which activates when you’re running out of cash or more predominantly towards the end of the month when you have low finances. The iBag lights-up LED warning signals activated by GPS to warn you when it senses you’re on a shopping frenzy. It even sends an SMS to your responsible other (who you have assigned). To absolutely terminate your shopping, the iBag locks itself in the hours when you are most vulnerable to shopping.

Price:  Not available

2. Leggage laptop bag


Unique laptop case which can help you relax your feet in-flight. Yes, a solution you always wanted in your long flights. Dubbed the Leggage, the laptop bag doubles as a massager for you. The smart bag, made from polycarbonate hard shell, has exterior good to give you a relaxing massage to both feet and legs. Leggage laptop case also features transparent inside pocket to carry your valuables safely.

Price: $80

1. Phorce Pro

Phorce Pro

There are smart bags and there are smartest bags. Falling in the latter group, the Phorce Pro smart bag is first in the market that in addition to providing a power backup for your smartphone or tablet, also packs in a battery to charge your laptop of MacBook. Embedded with a Phorce Pro Smart Power Core, the bag includes a laptop charge and MacBook charging connector. But the most interesting thing is its associated app (available for Android and iOS), which informs the user about how much battery power is left in the bag and how much time will the connected device take to charge. The app would also alert in case you go too far from it.

Price:  Mac model $699 / PC model $649