Five high-tech bikes to ride in style

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Bicycles have become the ultimate source of transportation in urban environment. Adult prefer to ride to work and kids love to pedal their way to school since bicycling is a good exercise and it is easy on the environment. There are many types of bikes (with nifty features) that have made it to the market – with smart locking systems, safety features etc. After making you familiar with some of the finest folding bikes, we have listed here five hi-tech bikes you will love to ride.

bclc keno winning numbers live # Doppleganger Ace Bike


Planning to buy your kid a cycle – here is a genuine option in the Doppleganger Ace Bike. The hi-tech bike features an adjustable saddle and handlebar, which adjust to the riding size of your growing child. The bike is made of special lightweight material which is completely recyclable. Ideal choice of kids the bike is priced at 9,000 Yen (approx. $88) and is available in two color options – blue and red and black and orange.

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# ncycle e-bicycle concept keno winning numbers bc

ncycle-e-bicycle-concept bc keno draws

Designed to offer better design and flexibility of use to the rider, the ncycle e-bicycle comes with the locking design (handle bars work as sturdy locking system). Done specifically to fight bicycle theft, the locking features makes the bike different from some of the other hi-tech ones on the block. The ncycle features a very peculiar courteous design and is foldable for ease of transport. The lights on the front and rear of the bike are powered by lithium battery, which also helps power smartphones while riding.

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keno bclc # BMW i Pedelec

BMW i Pedelec

A lightweight, compact and foldable electric bike that fancy and functional. The bike is very compact in design and can fold to a really small size in seconds. The electric motors power the BMW i Pedelec to a distance of 25-40 km per charge. The bike made from aluminum and carbon fiber has three-speed gear hub. The bike’s motor can charge completely in 1.5 hours.

BMW i Pedelec-1

# WeBike


For the times when you’re riding to work and your phone is running out of power, designers have come up with the WeBike – a multi-purpose bike that harnesses kinetic energy to charge your phones and other gadgets. A smart system onboard converts kinetic energy produced by the rider into wireless resonant energy that can be used to charge gadgets. The lightweight bike is truly a revolution.


# The Blackline


Chicago-based design studio Minimal and Method Bicycle team have teamed up and created the Blackline bike. The bike that features a GPS system onboard also has custom Helios smart handlebar with integrated LED headlights. The bike has GPS guided turn indicators to guide the rider home safely. The handlebar is embedded with speedometer, which indicates speed with changing colors. The bike also has a versatile cargo system tailor made for urban commuters.