Easy to assemble Giraffe shelves can take any form in your home

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Furniture which is simple yet elegant in appeal is a choice of every household or office. If we take the leverage, it should also be the focus of every designer to create furniture that’s simple to manufacture and inexpensive to purchase.

Dwell is one manufacturer that concentrates on providing meek furniture at reasonable prices. And adding to its endless list of furniture collection is the Giraffe designed by Clinton Sheldon.

Giraffe is timber made sculptural storage system for any modern home. The Giraffe, named after its high reaching design, is a simple shelving unit to store books, odd household accessories and items of décor.

Designed primarily to be manufactured in industrial factories, which are linked with Dwell, the Giraffe shelf features flush joints, which can be knocked down easily to fold out the furniture piece for easy transportation and storage. The Giraffe is quickly and easy to assemble and doesn’t require any special training.

Giraffe shelf-1

Giraffe shelf-2

Giraffe shelf-3

Giraffe shelf-4

Via: CargoCollective