Clock25 brings 25th hour to your home in style

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It won’t be wrong to say that today’s contemporary wall clocks have the power to revamp your interiors and bring new life to your dwelling. One such elegant design that we share with you today is the “Clock25”.

Designed by Italian designer Sabrina Fossi, the clock fashioned out of a natural material –wood, is perfect to add a tinge of green to your house interior. It consists of two laser cut surfaces that overlap to form a simple yet graceful design.


Manufactured by amalgamating advanced robotic manufacturing and hand-crafted techniques, Clock25 has just two digits on its dial – 2 and 5. The most interesting thing about this wall clock is its name and the idea behind it.

If you were wondering why the Clock25 is named so, or why it has only numeric 2 and 5 on its face – the designer says “everyone wants an extra hour a day – The twenty-fifth hour, to be precise.” A thought too unique we say.



Via: DesignStreet