Canyon table by Seulbi Kim brings iconic natural landmark to living room

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I travelled back in time as soon as I looked at this beautiful Canyon table conceptualized by American industrial designer Seulbi Kim. Both, name as well as shape of the table, take cue from the world’s most iconic natural landmark. Multiple deep ravines on the surface of the table demonstrate designer’s constant efforts to achieve perfect shape and natural form that he wants to depicts through his creation. Numerous symmetrical crevasses, parallel to each other, start from one end through the other corner creating a zigzag valley in the middle of the table. The decorative crack divides the table into two parts in order to depict an organic shape via the well-designed tabletop.

Canyon table by Seulbi Kim

After scrutinizing this contemporary furniture unit closely, you will get to know its hidden properties, i.e., its modular nature. Parallel vertical crevasses contain an almost invisible sliding glass table that can accommodate itself comfortably underneath the main glass tabletop. Intention behind inserting a tiny glass table right in the middle of the table is to enhance its dimensions. Owner can easily slide out the smaller glass table to extend it when he/she has visitors.

Canyon table by Seulbi Kim

The Canyon table, which brings an essence of a natural element to your home, is undoubtedly a perfect piece of furniture that deserves a place in the middle of your living-room. Mobility, however, may be an issue as the wood-glass duality makes it quite heavy, but would you really care its portability if it glorifies your interior?