Bit Mini Clock – Simplicity revived with cheerful colors

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First, human kind was desperate to climb the digital tree with all gadgets and daily utilities replaced with better technologies, and then it began to miss the simplicity of vintage ones like the traditional watch with three hands ticking all day.


Of course, it’s all about the sense of style and aesthetics that ask for variations in trends that the crowd follows at any particular point of time. Mini Bit Clock is perhaps one of the simplest, colorful, and compact time pieces that you’ll come across. Carved out of fine maple would, the hands are colored in various shades. The colors appeal to cheerful hearts. The Bit mini clock has built-in-certified Seiko movement.

Bit mini clock 3

It makes a wonderful thing to have at any place where time needs to be told like desktops, nightstands etc.
Bit mini clock 4

You can buy Bit mini clock here for $44.00. It’s available in white, black, and mint, blue, pink. The watch requires one standard AA battery. In dimensions, it measures just 7.7 x7.7 x D 3.7 cm.