Alpinist multifunctional emergency vehicle for all types of rough terrains

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bclc keno winning numbers live Emergency vehicles have a limitation, they do not reach everywhere. To help rescue workers have better access to areas beyond the purview of present day rescue vehicles, two students in Germany have designed Alpinist – a multifunctional emergency vehicle that can negate rough terrains with ease.

Designed by David Beyer Dorffer and Sascha Freudenberger, the Alpinist as the name states is especially designed for alpine terrains. It is a compact and robust rescue vehicle and irrespective of the terrain can be used in all kinds of rescue operations.

keno bclc Owing to its compact size, the off-road rescue vehicle can assist rescue teams reach areas of concern rapidly and allow patients to be carried to the hospitals safely and rapidly.

The vehicle has space for two rescuers and a patient. It is fitted in with life-saving equipment, climbing equipment and basket stretcher. The vehicle has four crawler tracks (off-road tires can also be used) and the access to the interior is through gullwing doors.

Alpinist multifunctional emergency vehicle-1

Alpinist multifunctional emergency vehicle-2

Alpinist multifunctional emergency vehicle-3

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