Xplora jacket is a tool for survival in the worst of situations

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Natural disasters can be fatal and in a moment they can rob you off your home. Life is unpredictable and you never know when you will be faced with a situation that threatens your existence. Such circumstances are unforeseen and to tackle them you need the right sort of survival tools or a survival kit.

There are several different kinds of survival kits in the market but they are not suitable for all the life threatening situations. Considering all this, the Xplora Jacket has been designed which is equipped with providing you the basic resources required for survival.

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The designer had to keep in mind several different factors like longevity, high quality, low market price and lightweight design while designing the amazing Xplora Jacket. It has been made with good quality 30d ripstop nylon and it can be worn as a basic rain jacket when you next go camping. The Xplora offers fire, water, shelter and helps the user signal for help to the other survivors or rescuers. The basic necessities for surviving in an adverse situation are water, food, fire and shelter.

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The Xplora attempts to meet all these basic needs without being heavy or difficult to carry. A pair of ferrocium and steel made fire strikers is attached with the wrist area of the jacket. They are attached to the body of the jacket with an elastic string. It lasts for a long time when struck and provides necessary light for seeing and other survival purposes. The jacket has a specially designed water pocket for storing water from streams, springs or rain.

 Xplora jacket

There is a micro filtration fiber membrane for purifying the water and making it drinkable. The inbuilt whistle attached permanently near the mouth area helps survivors call for help. The jacket is a part of the shelter it offers and the other part is in one of its pockets. When you get this part out it will cover your legs like a sleeping bag. This way you will be safe from rain and storms. There are screen printed instructions in the jacket, elaborating how to find water and start a fire, skills that might be necessary for survival in a difficult situation.

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