WeBike shows a glimpse of the future of automobiles

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There was a time, not too long ago, when vehicles were designed to be spacious, luxurious and fast, but not eco-friendly. Modern designers have started to realize the folly of designing cars that cause environmental pollution and use non-renewable fuels. Research and surveys show that within next 15 years 60% of the total population of the world will be living in urban areas.

The urbanized populace needs vehicles for conveyance. The increased number of personal and family cars on the roads of urban areas will increase the level of pollution immensely. That’s why safe, eco-friendly vehicles like bikes should be used to avoid pollution. The WeBike designed by Stilform is a futuristic concept that will help urban dwellers keep pollution in check.

 WeBike designed by Stilform_5

WeBike is a multipurpose bike. The makers have not only made it eco-friendly but also designed it to utilize the kinetic energy produced by the riders. In the future world energy resources of conventional nature will become scarcer. That’s why people will have to rely more on paddled bikes for moving from one place to another. In many urbanized countries like Japan, people have started using bikes for going to schools, colleges, offices, and daily errands. This way they keep their bodies fit and limit the use of fossil fuels.

WeBike designed by Stilform_3

As energy resources will be scarcer in the future, charging the electronic devices will also become difficult. Sadly, devices like smart phones, tablets and laptop need frequent charging for functioning. The WeBike has been specially designed to produce electricity for charging electronic devices.

 WeBike designed by Stilform_2

The kinetic energy of the bike is converted into electric energy through a smart system. The Wireless Resonant Energy that the Bike produces will be able to charge the batteries of electronic devices without any contact or the use of cables. WeBike is a step up towards our future when we will not have to depend on conventional energy sources.

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