Wall mounted PA1 Bluetooth speakers give you freedom from the shackles of wires

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PA1_Wall Mountable Bluetooth Speaker

Music lovers are always in search of devices and gadgets that can help them derive maximum pleasure out of their music listening sessions. They are particularly concerned about the speakers, they struggle to get the hang of speakers that are easy to manage, look good, and most of all, have the ultimate sound quality. Speakers that fit perfectly into this category, include the PA1, designed by Patrick O’Connell, lead Designer at Melbourne based Studio Proper.

PA1 is a wall mounted Bluetooth speaker, which is stylish, eye appealing, and has superb sound quality. Its major feature is Bluetooth 2.1 wireless technology that is HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, ACC, PBAP, SPP and OPP profile friendly. Concept of minimalistic design goes for the outer appearance, as a sole piece of machined aluminum makes the outer surface of PA1. There is a single button to switch the speakers on or off, and you can mount PA1 on a Walle X-Lock stand.

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The designers chose Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi because Wi-Fi would have meant high retail costs for customers. They have enhanced the capability of a Bluetooth speaker by using dual stereo pairing. The super sound is owed to two 3-inch, 20 W “deep bass” aluminum cone drivers that have 102 Hz and 85 dB SPL frequency response.

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Each unit has a dimension of 8.7 x 8.7 x 3.2 in (220 x 220 x 82 mm), with a weight of 3.2 lb (1.46 kg), and comes with a black and white polyester cover that is of interchangeable in nature. Another thing that you get with the speakers is a braided power cable. The designers have placed the power port pretty up so that the users can hide the cable in a wall. This way, PA1 not only makes your music listening joyous but also beautifies the décor with its clean design and appearance.

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