Wall mount for the iPhone makes things way more convenient

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All you iPhone owners get ready to add some more fun and ease to your iPhone experience with this amazing of the Wall Mount concept for iPhone from designer Patrick O’Connell. He is a product designer of Australian origin, and is a lead designer in Studio Paper, a Melbourne based enterprise known globally for creating high on innovation and extremely functional tech-accessories.

The desire to make lives simpler and more convenient is what has given impetus to the creation of this wall-mounted stand for iPhones. We generally hunt for places in our homes to charge our phones and most of the times the wires make the place messy and it becomes a trouble to charge phones. However, with this wall mount device you can get rid of this problem, as it offers you a convenient place on the wall to hang your iPhone and charge it without any trouble.

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Wall Mount for iPhone is a disk that enables you to mount your iPhone on a wall, which gives you a hassle free charging experience and it serves as a spot wherein you can keep your phone safely rather than keeping it just anywhere and later spending a good deal of time to find it. It is very easy to install mount disk on a wall, all you need is a wall adhesive to stick the disk on a vertical wall.

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Electronic safe neodymium magnets on the wall mount disk enable it to hold your iPhone in place, eliminating the risk of the gadget falling off. The wall mount does not just serve as a charging dock, but can also be put into service to hang your iPhone, watch pictures, and listen to music.

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