Uniqueness and style make the USP of the SIL SILA rope chair

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Modern homeowners are always on the lookout for furniture that does not look cumbersome and take less space. Unfortunately, not many are capable of affording high quality, stylish leather sofas and settees. They have to compromise the quality of home décor instead and buy cheap, bulky furniture available at lower rates. Sil Sila is one of the newest concept furniture designed as a part of a workshop project that addresses these problems.

Organic and affordable materials are increasingly being used for making chairs and sofas that are both sleek and cost effective. SIL SILA is one of the best examples of this new trend. The chair has been built using cotton rope to make it easier to produce home furniture of good quality at cheaper rates.

 SIL SILA rope chair_1

SIL SILA has a simplistic and earthy appearance suitable for any indoor or outdoor living space. The workshop where this concept was designed promoted the use of unconventional and easily available materials in new ways for building furniture and décor items. The participants found that cotton ropes are both easily available and sturdy enough for making furniture. Generally, a chair has to bear the weight of the persons who sit on it, and then some more. Therefore, it is helpful if the chair can manage to hold a high weight, rather than just perfunctory numbers.

 SIL SILA rope chair_2

It was quite a challenge for the designers to make a sturdy and durable concept chair with cotton ropes. They chose a rectangular shape to work on, and broke the mold of convention to create this simple yet brilliant concept. As cotton rope was the only basic material, the designers had to find a way for making it sustain compression. The split-by braiding technique using cotton ropes helped in making the structure stand on its own and stay erect even under compression. One metal ring has been used for giving shape and sturdiness to the seat and another has been used on the base.