The stunning water inspired watch tower by RMJM

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Architecture is fast transforming into a form of modern art as architects continue to design and build exquisite masterpieces around the globe. The latest among them is the public observation tower designed by Shenzhen Studio, which is a part of RMJM. The 93 meters high observation tower has been designed on the theme of importance of water in the District of Doumen in China.

It will be built at the convergence point of two vitally important rivers of Guangdong Province on the waterfront of Zhuhai. The building will look like a giant and magnificent fish that has jumped upwards from the river to catch the glinting sunrays on its silver scales.

 water inspired watch tower by RMJM_3

Shenzhen Studio has made sure that the new public observation has all the necessary facilities yet does not emit harmful toxins or gases in the atmosphere. The main structure of the building has been cleverly covered with aluminum scales that will regulate the level of heat that can penetrate the building. Doumen is a sunny district and the sun is bright and hot throughout the year. The aluminum scales let the designers keep the building cool despite of the hot sun glowing above, thus allowing them to save on energy costs, and improving the environmental ranking of the building.

 water inspired watch tower by RMJM_4

The basic structure of the building is made of steel and it helps in controlling heat penetration and pollution. To make the building eye-catching the architects have used twelve two-dimensional curves in the structure. The use of 14000 customized perforated aluminum scales on the exterior has made it stand out amongst all other modern buildings of similar nature.

 water inspired watch tower by RMJM_2

The house is divided in three main parts according to functionality. The ground level consists of retail space. The middle levels are for visitor experience space and the top portions are for indoor and outdoor public observation areas.

water inspired watch tower by RMJM_1

water inspired watch tower by RMJM_5

Source: ArchDaily