The Energy Demand Control System can make energy use more intelligent

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The modern civilization relies heavily on the traditional and non-renewable sources of energy. Limited non-renewable resources have forced researchers and scientists to think about sustainable ways of controlling the energy usage. The Energy Demand Control System has been designed by ESUSCON for a small community of people who reside in the small town of Huatacondo.

The project consists of a micro-grid of renewable energy. The makers want to educate the community to consciously participate in the operation of its power system and control the usage of energy. It is the very first smart energy grid of its kind in Chile.

 Energy Demand Control System

The unavailability and soaring prices of non-renewable energy resources have inspired ESUSCON to make use of the non-renewable energy sources. They have a photovoltaic plant, a secondary photovoltaic plant, a wind turbine plant, a battery room, and diesel group for producing energy. The makers of the Energy Demand Control System have included the community in the whole process and given sufficient power to them for making decisions, and encouraged them to act as operators of the system.

 Energy Demand Control System by ESUSCON_2

The Demand Control device enables the community members to correctly understand the availability of renewable energy for powering their home appliances and using energy for household usage. There are red, yellow and green LED lights in the device, which demonstrate the exact condition of available energy for present use.

 Energy Demand Control System by ESUSCON_1

The device has been modeled after a clock that shows the current status of available energy and also gives users fair idea about energy availability for the next 16 hours. When the LED lights turn green, community members can use their washing machines, microwaves and other power consuming gadgets without worry. Noon is one of the most suitable times for heavy usage of gadgets as plenty of solar power is produced during this period of the day.