The cosy Gaia House can work great for small landed properties

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Architecture has gone through countless phases of evolution from the very beginning of civilization until the present era. Modern architecture is based on the principles of eco-friendliness, sustainability, price control, and space enhancement. Lack of building space often put the modern land property owners in trouble, as they have no clue how to construct a comfortable home for their family in the limited space. bclc keno winning numbers live Architects have developed different unconventional methods for building homes within minimum land area. The Gaia House is one of the best examples of such homes. This modern home has been designed for the Single Family Housing project. The architects have created the design following the particularities and room allotment norms of this project.

 Gaia House by EVA-evolutionary architecture keno bclc

The Single Family Housing Project allows two floors along with a basement to be constructed for each family. The Gaia House also consists of a basement and two floors above it. The area where this concept home has been built has a railway line very near it. It is a coastal area and the summers are pretty warm. These factors have been kept in mind while designing the house keno winning numbers bc.

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The architects have tried to make the home suitable for its particular surroundings. They have built a second skin around the exterior body of the house to resist the noise of the trains passing nearby from entering the house. The second skin has been made using ceramic and cement which are considered hollow elements keno winning numbers bc.

 Gaia House by EVA-evolutionary architecture_3 keno bclc

Solar panels installed in the jacket like structure makes usable energy for the residents. The architects noticed that the area is flooded with sunlight for most of the day, and incorporated solar panels in the structure of the house. The second skin has helped in the proper organization of the entire living space and created an opportunity of constructing a green space in the form of a courtyard inside the house

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