The brilliant Sit & Stand crutches make life comfortable even with leg injury

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Unprecedented and unforeseen incidents cannot be controlled and their consequences have to be endured bravely. Severe leg injuries do not heal overnight and can impair normal movements like stretching the legs, walking and running. People suffering from leg injuries often have to use crutches. The modern design of crutches is convenient but still the designers are trying to take it many notches higher through improvisation.

The Sit & Stand crutch designed by young industrial designer Behzad Rashidi has been able to stand out from the crowd and offer an entirely new solution for the people recovering from serious leg injury.

 Sit & Stand Walking Assistance by Behzad Rashidi_1

Normal crutches are designed to make the upper portion of the body support the limp or damaged leg. They have to be held by the use of forearm or the underarm. Such crutches restrict the movements of the affected person. The Sit & Stand Crutch, which is one of the entries of the prestigious Dyson Awards, enables the user to sit and walk with ease and keeps their hands free for other activities. Instead of the upper body, the Sit & Stand crutch relies on the quad muscles in the thighs for supporting the calf while walking. The thighs are supported completely with a specially designed support system.

 Sit & Stand Walking Assistance by Behzad Rashidi_2

This innovative crutch also lets the users sit comfortably when necessary. Unlike the other modern crutch designs, this one does not pressurize the knee area. It has a comfortable plastic seat with self-adjustable hinge system. This system pulls out the knee in the front of the wearer yet lets them rest and seat with ease. An injured person is generally incapable of continuous movements and this crutch allows them to slouch without removing the crutch. If the Sit & Stand crutch wins the Dyson Award then Rashidi will receive $150,000, and the design might move forward. However, the results will not be disclosed before September 18.

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