Tabli 2 – A perfect addition to the home decor

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 Tabli 2_multi use table by Luigi Napolitano_3

Tabli 2 is a multi use table that takes inspiration from tables, and in a very unlikely sense, from scissors as well. Inspiration from scissors forms the hinge of the table designed by Luigi Napolitano, an Italian designer.

Tabli 2 is a simple design wherein a horizontal wooden board rests on two hinged panels. Napolitano has used hinge as a theme for Tabli 2. It presents an easy to assemble design, which you can amass yourself within a matter of few minutes. The two wooden pins are joined together with the help of two hinges. The vertically inclined structures are made up of Tetrapan, which is a material obtained from recycled tetrapac, covered in fabric. This addition in Tabli 2 makes it more flexible and elastic than the previous version of Tabli 2.

 Tabli 2_multi use table by Luigi Napolitano_4

Tabli 2_multi use table by Luigi Napolitano_1

The top of Tabli 2 is a wooden structure that has a padded fabric finish. Apart from the easy to assemble feature, Tabli 2 is extremely beautiful to look at. It can beautify the décor of any room you place it in. You also get a chance to play with colors, as the body of the table, the outer side of the wooden pins can be designed in the color you like your Tabli 2 to be in.

 Tabli 2_multi use table by Luigi Napolitano_2