Stick n’ Stack concept for modular storage and decorative furniture

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Smart furniture that is multifunctional is the order of the day. This type of furniture saves lots of space and improves the décor of the living space where you keep it. Budget and limited space are two of the main factors that people consider while purchasing furniture.

Modern furniture designers also give importance to these factors and try to make furniture that is flexible and decorative without being expensive. The Stick n’ Stack is a modern conceptual storage unit that doubles as a decorative item for modern living spaces. The designer of this concept furniture unit was inspired by the structure of stilt houses that offer good protection against flood.

 Stick n Stack concept for modular storage and decorative furniture_1

Stick n’ Stack is ideal for private homes, offices and public places. Flexibility is the plus point of this unique concept furniture unit. The irregular design of a hub of stilt houses has influenced its appearance. It can easily be turned into a complex yet eye-catching décor item from a simplistic and highly functional storage unit. The Stick n’ Stack storage unit can be expanded as per requirement by adding more legs and boxes to the basic structure.

 Stick n Stack concept for modular storage and decorative furniture_2

The users control and decide how they want the unit to look. They can build a big partition-like structure or use it as a compact storage unit beside the sofa for keeping books and magazines. All the boxes of the furniture have been designed to fit A3, A4 sized pages, books and magazines.

 Stick n Stack concept for modular storage and decorative furniture_3

The concept can also be used for packaging and distribution purposes. The grid boxes are made of metal and the legs are made of pinewood, which makes it durable. Users can easily make changes to the grid like structure by using plates and screws. More then anything else, the sticking and stacking of different components of this unit have to be done using imagination.