Splinter Works brings carbon fiber Vessel Series to astound you

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carbon fiber Vessel Series bathtub_1

Splinter Works is a British company that aims to make incredible, unique furniture for its clients. They are into bathroom fixtures also, and after a whooping success of their Vessel Hammock Bathtub, they have come up with something more interesting and impressive – a freestanding vessel bathtub and a similar shaped but smaller sink.

Their appearance is so stunning that nobody can stand the temptation of having them in their homes. The carbon fiber weave has given the bathtub a sloping shape that is strong enough to hold water and the person bathing in it with amazing comfort and a feeling full of grandiose. While looking at these ultimate pieces of grandeur from a distance, you will feel attracted by the lustrous black color.

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When you go near and touch them, you will literally fall for the soft, sloping touch and the layered pattern that is a result of the lacquered woven carbon fiber. The carbon fiber used to make vessel bathtub and sink is what gives it the shine and softness and the layers that you can see on it. If you see the base design of the tub, you will instantly understand the level of precision and efforts that have been put into the making of this wonder bathtub. The same goes for the sink also that is just the smaller version of this same design.

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You can place this beautiful designed bathtub just in any room of your house because they are so light that they just do not need any special arrangements and fixtures to get placed. They are so beautiful that they will beautify your rooms like anything. The unique design makes the vessel bathtubs and basins stand apart from their contemporaries.

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