Smart, modern solution for maintaining sanitary hygiene in Indian slums

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A major part of the Indian population is unable to access proper sanitation systems. For most of the developed world sanitation is a taken for granted public commodity, it is a privilege for slum dwellers of developing countries, such as India. The lack of proper sanitation facilities is also causing social, security, and ecological problems associated with defecation in open areas.

This only emphasizes the urgent need of safe sanitary system that will be low cost and flexible. Mathew Dan Hollander has designed the modern sanitation solution keeping in mind the requirements of Indian slum dwellers. This innovative design was nominated for the Hills Young Australian Award 2014.

Indian Slum Sanitation Solution

Mathew’s slum sanitation solution is a compact toilet unit that consists of removable waste and water containers. This flexible system makes the toilet units capable of functioning in interior slum areas where there is an acute lack of sanitary infrastructure. In such places, traditional toilets cannot be constructed, as it is almost impossible to create sewage disposal channels and drag water pipes.

Indian Slum Sanitation Solution_2

The toilet cubicles have two waste containers for collecting faeces and urine separately. When these containers get full, the users can get them out by unlocking the step of the cubicle. The containers have wheels for fast transportation to garbage bins and easy disposal of the waste.

Indian Slum Sanitation Solution_5

Each cubicle also has two water containers. The compact design has allowed the inclusion of a squat toilet and a sink. The users get fresh and clean water for cleaning themselves after defecating and the used water is then collected inside the second water container.

Indian Slum Sanitation Solution_1

The roof of the toilet can collect fresh rainwater during rains and store it in the fresh water container. Polyethylene granules procured from the recycled plastic bottles will be used to make the rotational molded exterior panels of the toilet cubicles. Unique exterior design, electric lights and lockable door offer privacy and ensure safety of the users.