Prosthetic Fingers that every amputee can afford

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Finger or partial finger amputations make a person handicapped. Every year a vast number of people lose their fingers in one accident or the other. Though there is a wide range of prosthetic finger available in the market but people belonging to the lower income groups just cannot afford them, as they are expensive.

For such users, Eason Chow, an industrial designer based in Singapore, has come up with a prosthetic finger design, which is functional, affordable, and highly customizable. The design has been given a name, + One Prosthetic Fingers. The design is extremely functional and is life-like that makes it possible for the users to do their daily tasks with as much ease and comfort as they used to do with their original finger.

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The production of + One Prosthetic Finger starts with capturing 3D image of the finger that is similar to the amputated one in the other hand. The 3D image is used to make a mould and the mechanism for the prosthetic finger with the help of CAD. The prosthesis skin is made by using Dragon skin Silicone, as it gives more flexibility to the prosthetic finger and it can support the users to perform their daily tasks without any problem.

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After this, the mechanism is inserted into the skin and then one final silicone coat is applied so that the mechanism stays intact and in place. This design is capable of giving original finger dexterity, as it gives a considerable support and grip similar to that of an original finger.