OFGB Proto 1 reinvents its old self with new technology

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Technology never stops reinventing itself and proceeds by changing its existing inventions. The design of automobiles and vehicles has always been one of the favorite grounds of experimentation. The designs of bi-cycles and bikes have also gone through evolution with the change of technology.

At present, hubless wheels are one of the major components of experimentation as they can change the appearance of the traditional bicycles. OFGB Proto 1 is one such bike model that has combined the traditional design with futuristic innovations. The makers of the bike are experimenting with the rear wheel at present.

 OFGB Proto 1 by Filippo Cima_1

OFGB Proto 1 is a unique bike designed especially for crowded urban areas. Swift movement, and the ability of zigzagging through a crowded street are just two of its fortes. The Proto 1 is a bike designed for testing the rear wheel. The acronym OFGB stands for Orbital Fixed Gear Bike. The wheel used for this bike has no hub and this gives the rest of its structure a splendid futuristic and sleek look. The hubless wheels look great and elevate the appearance of the traditional bike design used for the Proto 1.

 OFGB Proto 1 by Filippo Cima_2

Experiments with hubless wheels are going on but they are still few in number. The hubless wheels used in other vehicles are just prototypes unlike the wheels of the Pronto 1. The two main materials used for the bike are titanium and carbon fiber. The aero frame used for making the bike focuses on stealth, precision of movement and safety.

 OFGB Proto 1 by Filippo Cima_3

The belt transmission system used in this bike makes the movements of the rear pulley and crans noiseless and swift. The use of hubless wheel has helped the designers in reducing the internal friction among the different parts and decreases the dimensions of the several components present in the structure.